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Porta-Cooler Fan

Item Pricing
Measures 30” long by 23” wide by 55” tall, Electrical cord measures approx. 7’ long
The porta-cooler is an evaporative-cooling fan designed to lower the ambient air temperature approx. 10 degrees depending on the climate. A single unit can cool up to 625 sq. ft. (e.g. 25’ x 25’ space – multiple units can be used together to cool a larger space). This fan can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for cooling down patios, warehouses, garages, tents, and other event spaces
The fan requires 21-gallons of water to operate (to be filled by client at the event location) and needs a 120V power outlet (this is a standard residential power outlet)
This item requires delivery to the event location and cannot be will called (delivery is additional)